Monday, August 06, 2007

Love? Thy Neighbor

God, were you really serious about that whole "love your neighbor" thing?

I mean, really, have you met my neighbors?

You know, the ones whose son used to smoke pot with his friends in the front yard, during the day, while my kids ate lunch in the kitchen looking out the window to the front yard, wondering what all that smoke was from.

You know...the son who had the cops banging on the front door shouting, "We know you're in there! OPEN THE DOOR....NOW!"

The same neighbors who mow two feet over into our yard. Every. Single. Time. They. Mow.

The same neighbors who can't seem to tell by the fence and the fact that their lawn mower is literally two inches from the walls of our home, that they are on our property.

The same neighbors who decided that having a real, live rooster in their backyard in a crowded subdivision would be a great idea.

You didn't literally mean neighbors, did you? Can I just love my grocer and dentist instead?


Anonymous said...

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terri said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your informative, witty, and timely comment.

It's obvious that you enjoyed my post and felt compelled to share it with me.

So much better than those spam comments that people are always leaving on blogs. I mean, can you think of anything more annoying?

Your Hubby said...

Watch out folks, she's all rev'ed up now. ;-)

terri said...

I probably shouldn't respond to comments while drinking my second cup of coffee....too much caffeine in my system!