Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Comment Fast

I think that, for at least a week, I'm not going to visit or comment on other blogs. It is counterproductive to what I really want for my inner life, and just leads me into being sucked into things that really have no bearing on me as an individual.

I will, however, continue to blog here and respond to comments on my blog.

Wishing peace for everyone.

UPDATE: Obviously if you have surfed over here from a blog I have commented on, you can see I'm a big, fat liar! lol :-)


f4ithaware said...

Well, I was one who flittered over on a leaf from another site. Why? I was touched and impressed by you replies, so much so that I had to see what else you had written.

Keep visiting, while counter-productive for you it's very productive for others as no matter how they respond there will still be that little thought that "terri" said this.

terri said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the very kind words!