Monday, August 06, 2007

And They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

blogging while mad.....maybe not be a great idea

One of the links in my sidebar is to nakedpastor. He is a little unconventional and probably a little more free with certain things than me personally, but that's cool. I can handle people who don't agree with everything I think.

Apparently, a certain Christian website, which has nothing better to do than look for people to dissect and tear apart, decided to review his blog and his personal life. That's what it has come to nowadays:

'Let me read your blog, look for ammunition, twist your words and create a nice little "review" that decimates you and at the same time has the added benefit of making me look superior and spiritual. Then, as my commenters slander you and call you a pervert, I won't correct them, ask them to keep it clean, or allow comments from people who might actually defend you in an intelligent manner. I couldn't allow that....because then I wouldn't be in control....People might actually see that my words are spurred on by hate and anger, not love and righteousness.

Then when things get a little shaky and I can't really defend what I have done, I'll play the trump card. Ah yes.....the "It's not me who disapproves and is condemning you, it's really God. I am just a vessel being used to speak the "truth." I hope you listen to what He's saying through me, because if you don't...well, let's just say you might want to invest in an asbestos suit.'

Don't you love being a Christian? Isn't it fun to sort through all the garbage that people, who supposedly love God, throw at at other people who supposedly love God too...just in a slightly different tradition?

It's sad and pitiful.

God, help me to let the anger go.


jovial_cynic said...

It's hard to find a balance, and I don't think Jesus made it easy. I mean, he called the pharisees "brood of vipers" (children of satan?), and also said that they were like white-washed tombs... beautiful on the outside, but full of the bones of dead men.

But he also tells us to love our enemies. Somehow, he cut to the core of who they were, but still loved them. Talk about walking a thin line.

I hear you. It is frustrating. But God will avenge. Christ has overcome the world. Be of good cheer. :)

terri said...

The problem is that everyone always thinks that they are on equal footing with Jesus.

I'll let him throw around terms like vipers, because "he knew what was in a man".

I won't trust anyone else with those words.