Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Caretakers Of The Earth

wherein a stream-of-consciousness conversation with a seven and five-year-old has fresh insights...

The Rationalist: "Why does soda have bubbles in it? The bubbles are a gas, right?"

"Yes, they're made from carbon dioxide."

The Rationalist: "That's the same gas we breathe out!"


The Rationalist: "We breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide. The plants breathe the Carbon Dioxide in and breathe out Oxygen. Why do plants breathe Carbon Dioxide and not Oxygen?"

"Well, what do you think would happen if they didn't breathe carbon dioxide and breathed oxygen like us?"


The Rationalist: "I guess we would all die after a while."

"yep...isn't it cool that God designed plants to provide what we needed? He made things to be self-sustaining, like the water cycle. It rains, helps plants grow, evaporates and eventually re-forms a new rain cloud. It is a cycle. Neat, huh?"

Intuitive Monkey: "Yeah....and there is another cycle. People are always having babies, so that they can be farmers to grow food, so we can grow and breathe out carbon dioxide and keep the plants alive!"

That's how you get from soda to God in less than 30 seconds.

I love these cute boys!

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Your Hubby said...

They are definitely the two cutest boys alive... :-)