Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer TV Stinks

How much longer 'til Lost and Heroes come back?

I so need my sci-fi adventure fix.


Musicguy said...

We've been watching the 4400 on USA during the summer months. There's also a great new mini-series on BBC america called Jekyll.

I stopped watching lost when it went on hiatus for 19 months (at least it felt like it). I started watching hero's last year and got fully sucked in. I hope it's a good season! Too many of these shows start doing stupid things the longer they go on.

terri said...

"stupid things" mean like how J.J. Abrams and his writers totally ruined Alias? I used to love that show. When they starting messing it all up I would literally yell at the TV screen,"Why are you doing this to my show?"

Musicguy said...

yeah, exactly. i think they start to run out of idea, or start drinking too much (or go into rehab). in any case, i'm left having to find a new favorite show.