Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sad Search Terms

Today someone found my blog through a sad search term: "is alzheimer's a punishment for specific sins".


I wonder who typed that in. Do they have alzheimer's? Are they regretting portions of their life and trying to assign some meaning to it? Assigning such a terrible fate to themselves as a way to stave off the horror that sometimes bad things happen without a good explanation? How filled with sorrow must they be to ask Google such a question? What lies behind the pleading words of that request? I don't know, but it makes me sad.

If you come back, miscellaneous person that I don't know, here's not just my answer, but THE answer.


Alzheimer's is not a punishment from God for a specific sin that has been committed.


Musicguy said...

no disease is a punishment for sin! It's sad that some people still believe that disease is retribution for being human. nonsense. Someone ought to explain this to fred phelps and some other nutcases that roam this earth.

terri said...

It is sad, but a lot of people believe things like that. Not only Christians, but all those people who buy into things like "The Secret" can view sickness and misfortune as some sort of judgment.

very sad