About Me

Self-description seems like a practice rooted in narcissism and delusions of grandeur.  But then again, I am a blogger, so why resist the inevitable?

I blog about various things, and go from obsessively posting here and commenting elsewhere to withdrawing and disappearing for a couple of weeks at a time.

Lately, my blog has predominately explored my disillusionment with things I used to believe and the mental work I have engaged in and continue to engage in to reconcile the two halves of my personality, the Optimistic Idealist who hopes for all things and believes in all things and the Distrusting Skeptic who all too easily recognizes the problems in hoping and believing in the real world.

Wheat and Tares.  Darkness and Light.  Hope and Despair.  I find them frequently co-existing within myself as they do in all of us.

On a less philosophical note...

I'm in my thirties.  I have two boys; The Rationalist and The Intuitive.  I have been happily married for almost 14 years. I earned my B.A. in English and French, with a minor in Spanish, from a Southern Baptist, liberal arts university somewhere in The Bible Belt South.

I'm contemplating applying for a Masters in Library Science and Information Technology...so that I can get paid for doing what I already enjoy doing in my free time...reading, learning, researching, and wielding authoritarian power over seekers of knowledge...etc.

I am already considering how to wear my hair in an effective bun and how to perch my glasses on the tip of my nose while my beaded eyeglass chains swing down and reflect the fluorescent lighting as I ponder the list of evil-doers who have not returned their books

You can see that I have thought this out very well.

Anything else you might want to know "about me" can be gleaned from my posts.