Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Book Review of "The Master of Secrets"

I just finished reading, The Master Of Secrets, by D.S. Lliteras. While browsing over the library's new fiction, the title popped out at me and I figured I would give Lliteras a whirl, having never heard of him or his books up to this point.

The Master of Secrets is a coming of age novel that takes place immediately after the crucifixion of Jesus. We follow Addan as he leaves his family to search out his father, a follower of Jesus. In the process of looking for him he encounters a few bandits and ultimately a 1st century healer/salesman, by the name of Jeshua, who entertains and fleeces his willing audiences. Addan is drawn into his schemes and becomes his assistant for a few days.

Overall the book was an enjoyable read. My only criticism is the leap of unbelievability required to get the story moving. It struck me as false that Addan would suddenly, and with such rapidity, be drawn into Jeshua's schemes, abandoning the search for his father and leaving his family behind during such a turbulent time.

There are some moments that Lliteras captures well and with poignant accuracy; such as his description of Addan's thought processes after he embraces faith in Jesus, experiencing the indwelling of God's spirit.

"He was frightened, not because of the strange feeling he was experiencing,
but because he was afraid that the feeling would stop. Or worse--that the
feeling was an illusion." (page 262)

How true to the feelings of a new Christian.

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