Monday, August 20, 2007

The Finish Line

I tossed and turned in the still darkness. 5:30 am, in neon green, glowing in the dark. I closed my eyes and tried for thirty more minutes. 6:00 am. Time to get up.

Shuffling through a drawer in the dark, looking for a pair of shorts and T-shirt, I move quietly. Having found what I'm looking for, I tiptoe out and close the door to the bedroom, dressing in the living room.

The dog squints at me curiously and then lays her head back down on her bed with a snort. It's too early, even for her.

I begin assembling the breakfast I've planned and start the coffee brewing, disturbing the quiet with the gurgling coffee maker. Rinse the blueberries. Combine the pancake mix. Heat the pan. Ponder the importance of the day all the while.

Little feet trip through the house to bathroom. The night light glimmers on a boy who used to be an infant. His tall, slender stature is evidence of the time that has since passed. Countless, diapers changed, fevers nursed, half-eaten meals and hundreds of story books measured and weighed in the growth of a boy...who used to be an infant.

He trips back into his room, closing the door behind him. It's not 6:30 am, yet.

6:30am arrives, heralded by the excited chirping of two boys dressing themselves, making their beds, and leaping from their rooms to the kitchen.

"I knew she was making pancakes!"

"Not just pancakes....blueberry pancakes!"

DH comes out of the bedroom and hugs me, while the boys pile on for good measure.

We eat breakfast, make lunches, chat about what the day will be like, and enjoy the brief morning.

At 7:30 am, we head out to finish the last leg of a seven-year race. We round the bend and reach the finish line. The first day of school for Intuitive Monkey, our youngest.


Jazzki said...

Terri, since there's no email addy 4 U, I'm forced to put this here, even tho it doesn't match your post: thanx heaps 4 your input over @ iMonk's post re dying w/o confession. You seem to understand of where I was coming from with my questions. I am definitely one of those folks who's forever trying to "add it all 2gether," and it gets me into lots of trouble at times.

I've heard over and over, no matter which church I've gone to, that it's faith in Christ alone plus nothing, but nobody can answer the verses I bring up (I could've posted more verses than I did, but I didn't want to clutter up his blog). I've even been accused of being a Catholic, the furthest possible thing from reality sigh... (BTW, if you're Catholic, no offense whatsoever intended. I have nothing against individual Catholics.)



terri said...


Thanks for your comment. I understand where you're coming from. I had to go back to imonk and read through the comments to know specifically the verses you mentioned.

I'm not Catholic.....just plain, old, vanilla evangelical..SBC background.

I won't try to communicate everything through this tiny comment box. my e-mail is (terri321 at gmail dot com) is you want to talk further.

If not...maybe I'll ruminate on things and do a post about it.

terri said...

"if" not is

Jazzki said...

Fabulous, I would love to correspond, if you have time with your busy mom's schedule (only when you have time; don't want it to be a pressure on you). Will write you in a minute. Thanx 4 replying to this. (Well, maybe in 20 minutes, LOL, bec. my elderly mom at this moment is having a problem that needs to be attended to post haste. But I WILL be in touch, bec. you sound like perhaps you've been thru this sort of thing and I could get some ironsharpening thru you.)



Jazzki said...

PS: My email will say "thatintelliwench at gmail dot com" and in the subject heading, I'll put "Howdy from Jazzki."