Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seven Years In The Making

Seven years ago, I passed out from a seizure brought on by eclampsia. Luckily, it happened as I entered the Emergency Room with your father, although luck had nothing to do with it. God had protected you and me.

You entered the world almost seven weeks early, only 3 pounds and 8 ounces of tiny humanity. I was not awake to see your tiny hands and feet, to count your number of toes, and wonder who you looked like as I gazed at you. That first day of your life has been completely erased from my memory by the wonders of general anesthesia and blood pressure that had sky-rocketed to astronomical heights.

You arrived in dramatic style, sure to let us know what was to come. God watched over your miniature body. Three weeks in the NICU, yet you were completely healthy. I cried the first time I saw you, not out of worry, but out of gratefulness that you were safe, that God had kept you guarded in his hand.

As you grow and become ever more the person you were meant to be, I pray that God will continue to guard your heart and your steps.

We love you! Happy Birthday!


Your hubby said...

We truly have been blessed with two amazing children - two boys a papa could not possibly love more.

terri said...

very true!