Friday, May 18, 2007

PMS is a B@#*h

Especially, when you're supposed to be getting the house spotless for an upcoming birthday party in T-minus 20 hours, for which you still have to pick up the cake, decorations, ...and oh yeah...some presents for the actual birthday person, and there looms a distinct possibility that no one will actually show up for this party--for which you are going to have to go through all this effort....AND... that makes you mad for your son who has attended many classmates' birthday parties, usually being one of only two people who show up to these other parties....AND....even though you know that it's just hormonal fluctuations making you insane, irritable, and reducing your thinking capacity to that of a 98 year-old, Alzheimer's patient who is on Valium, it still isn't enough to stop the crazy monkeys creating chaos in your head.


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