Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lost and Heroes---indulging my sci-fi/fantasy craving

Wow...Last night's Lost was pretty creepy. Locke's father finally gets his due, but I wish Sawyer had chosen to spare him at the last minute. Sawyer's the bad boy that you know you shouldn't like, but you just can't help it. Every time he gets close to redemption, the writers make him do something shocking and apalling. It's starting to annoy me.

Heroes--even though the *set in the future* storyline doesn't further the current storyline, it was still good. Syler and Peter duking it out at the end, in a battle of accumulated super-powers, was a nice touch. Why does Peter have a giant scar across his face? Shouldn't his super-healing power have prettied him up by now?

Even though they're on different networks, I think they should do a crossover episode. We'd find out that Syler is really Ben's long-lost son sent to take over the world in order to repopulate it with mutated Others.

Yes, I sometimes watch too much TV.

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