Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A New Blog To Read and My Worst Nightmare

Sometimes, I surf through the "next blog" button on Blogger's navbar just checking out what other bloggers are up to. Usually, I get a bunch of nothing, but I happened across Jake's Life, a marine's blog about his current time serving in Iraq. I know several military families, but none who are serving in Iraq right now, so it was interesting to read through his blog and get a flavor for what the average soldier is going through.

Now comes the worst nightmare part. Apparently, there is something called a camel spider that lives in Middle Eastern deserts. Can I just say that I would rather be in downtown Baghdad, carrying a "Down With Mohammed" sign, than be anywhere near this.

My heart would burst from sheer panic if I saw this scurrying towards me.


divineconspiracy said...

Aaaaaahhhh!!!! That is TWO of them, right? Please tell me that's two...

terri said...

I think so.

Plus, I think the photo gives the impression that the creature is larger than it actually is. Compared to the soldier behind it, it looks enormous, but in the foreground, you can see part of the hand that must be holding it and the sleeve of a shirt.

So, instead of being the size of a football, it's really only the size of a grown man's hand!