Saturday, May 05, 2007

Got Water?

Typical water bill--$65-$75.

What this month's water bill will probably be--$459,465.34

It seems the most essential ingredient to being a succesful grass farmer is an unlimited supply of water. I am expecting the water company to call me at any moment asking if we have an undetected leak, a new pool, or if we decided to try our hands at producing meth.

"Keep top 1/2 inch of soil moist. Do not let it dry out."--Those are the instructions on my fancy grass seed. If I lived up north that would be no big deal. Here, in the 90-degree Florida sun, I am having to divert the Colorado River through subterranean channels, city pipes, and my pea-green, rubber hose.

If you go to the Grand Canyon and it's dry as a bone, blame my tiny back yard.

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