Sunday, May 13, 2007

Renaming My Children

No. I am not renaming them in real life. Usually, I refer to them as either j1 and j2, or as oldest one and youngest one.

Very Clinical.

Almost as if I am running a secret laboratory, brimming with brightly colored fluids bubbling and brewing away....and these two boys just happen to be my experimental subjects. And, I guess in some ways they are. I get to try my hand at perfecting various mothering techniques, forming and shaping their ids with my shaky, clumsy parental lobotomies as I swing from loving mother to woman in search of the nearest exit from the crazy train.

But, I digress.

So from now on, I will hereby refer to the offspring of my loins as..........


I got nothin'.

Let me think.

What two words or phrases would encapsulate the very essence of these strange beings??

Still got nothin'.

*crickets chirping*

*days passing by in time-lapse photography*

*polar ice melting and flooding Florida*

OK! I've got it!

J1 is now renamed The Concrete Rationalist.*

J2 is now renamed Intuitive Monkey.*

* all names subject to change based upon the future whims of said "mother."
No claims, guarantees, or promise to consistency shall be enforced.


Your hubby said...

Good choices, if I do say so myself.

terri said...

Yes, but the real question is what name I should give YOU! :-)