Monday, April 02, 2007

Who You Gonna Call?...Potbusters!

OK...this is becoming a bad habit.

A while ago, I blogged about being at Wal-Mart and seeing a woman putting down the beer bottle she was drinking from as she pulled into the parking lot.

This past Friday I had a flashback to all the Cheech and Chong movies that my mother and her second husband used to watch in the early 80's.(it's better not to ask) As I exited my neighborhood, a beat up Honda Civic pulled out in front of me in a hazy cloud of smoke. Beat-up, old car, lots of bluish smoke--that doesn't sound so strange. It wouldn't have been if the smoke had been coming from the tailpipe. But no, as I stopped at the light in the next lane over, I could clearly see a fortyish man with with a scraggly pony tail sticking out from his doo-rag and either the smallest cigarette known to man, or a joint. Being suspicious and untrusting in nature, I immediately assumed the latter and then felt bad about my snap judgement. That is until the very distinct smell of pot filtered through the AC vents of my car.

Yes. This man was smoking pot. As he drove. In full daylight. With the windows open. For all to see.

Once again I was in the situation of observing something very stupid and potentially life-threatening on the road. I would have called someone if I could, but who can you call? I could have taken down the license plate number and called later, but by then the behavior would be over and the police would have no evidence. I am not sure that they would even bother to track down the person and investigate. Some crimes have to be caught in the process of being committed.


Tomorrow I am going to call the local police department and see what they have to say about what to do in these situations.

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