Saturday, April 21, 2007

Archie Bunker Is My Dad

My dad stopped by for a visit last night and stayed until late morning before heading over to my Aunt and Grandmother's house.

He is a lot like Archie Bunker; old, a little crotchety, and definitely not politically correct. He has a loud, gruff voice, bushy eyebrows and thinning hair. He always knows all the ways that public officials have screwed up and exactly how to solve the problems that so easily boggle their simpleton minds. If only more people were as practial as he, then this country would be great. That's his story and he's sticking to it.

I always worry about what I might have to censor from my young boys' ears. Surprisingly, he shows some restraint, mainly so I won't flog him with a wet noodle.

Despite my dad's many issues, I am thankful that he stopped by. The kids are always excited to see family and looked forward to playing Yahtzee with him. My youngest, with me as scorekeeper and Yahtzee consultant, trounced everyone with a high score of 433. Everything he rolled was perfect. Two yahtzees into the game, it was obvious where it was headed.

(If I was superstitious and actually believed in luck, I would have to say that he was dipped and rolled in it. I can't count how many times we have played board games with him and he will get the right card at just the right time, come from behind and kill us all. Maybe I should enter him in some illegal, underground, juniors-only, high stakes poker tournament. We could be living the high life!)

When I was growing up, all I could see were my parent's flaws. Even now, it is hard to see them unencumbered, free of the mounds of baggage chained to them. Seeing my children love them--unconditionally and with no preconceived notions--gives me peace. Innocent minds and innocent souls...may they always be so.


Your hubby said...

Family road trip to Vegas!!

terri said...

sounds good to me! :-)