Thursday, April 19, 2007

Outrage For Ban, But Not For Abortion

I did it again.

Once again I entered a thread over at BlogHer regarding abortion and the latest ruling by the Supreme Court. Of course, the two main posts regarding the ruling were from a pro-choice perspective, and the commenters echoed the same opinions. I still am perplexed about why there are hardly any conservative contributing editors in the news category on the site. I can think of only one, but she only posts once in a while.

Of course, I have wondered the same thing aloud before in my post on abortion that also referenced BlogHer. I was reassured that there really are more conservative members on BlogHer, and yet I never see them post on anything that is remotely controversial. Is it out of fear that they say nothing? Is it simply a desire to avoid an argument? I'm not sure. So, there's nothing new there.

Why do I get roped into these discussions?

Mainly because I read all the viewpoints and rhetoric of the opposition and see no one offering logical, thought-out responses to them. I get tired of the one-sidedness of it all.

My question remains to those who are so outraged about the ban on partial birth abortion that was upheld by the supreme court. Is there ever a time, place or procedure that should be unacceptable for abortion? Are there ever circumstances in which abortion is viewed as wrong by the pro-choice community?

They keep telling me that they don't take abortion lightly, that they wish it didn't have to happen. They say that, but when pressed further refuse to agree that some abortion methods are too ghastly to perform.

The procedure which has been banned involves giving birth to a late-term baby until its head is still in the birth canal and then crushing its skull before the birth is finished. Another method covered by this ban involves dilating the cervix and literally dismembering the baby for removal. Their nervous systems are fully developed.

We don't even put down animals in such a brutal fashion. Why is it OK to end a human life in this manner?

It is like being for euthanasia and end-of-life decisions, but letting doctors club someone to death, or hack them up with a machete.

Yes, that's graphic wording and imagery, but unfortunately, it is truthful imagery.

Wake up people!

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