Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's For Dinner?

I hate cooking. I am not horrible at it. I do it every day, and yet it is one of my least favorite chores.

When I have fantasized about being wealthy enough to have a servant, the vision of someone happily cooking away in the kitchen hovers in my mind.

I used to enjoy cooking and had fun trying new things, but after almost seven years of staying at home, I'm over it. The time consuming task of food preparation, the actual cooking of it, and then the massive clean-up afterward gets very tedious.

But, considering that we live on a budget and I will never have an Alice, Hazel, or Mr. Belvedere to grace my modest kitchen with their culinary talents, the task is left to me.

So, tonight we will be dining on BBQ ribs done in the slow cooker, corn on the cob, and a fruit salad of fresh strawberries and bananas.

Simple foods for simple, cook-hating me.

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