Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Following Up

I spoke to my brother and his wife this past week. They seem relatively upbeat, considering the grave news that has been delivered to their doorstep. Their greatest challenge is when and if to tell their children about Susan's condition. They do not want to cause them to be fearful of losing their mother. Right now they would be safe to say nothing. Susan's symptoms are noticible only to her because they are so slight. Eventually, when it becomes obvious that something is not quite right with her, they will have to tell them in an age-appropriate way. That will be difficult because Huntington's is a hereditary disease and each child has a 50% chance of having it themselves. How do you keep a child from fearing that he/she may be debilitated in the same way that grandma is? I do not envy the task set before them. I pray that God will be gracious to them and give them the wisdom and strength that they will need.


Anonymous said...

Age appropriate conversations with lots of love thrown in for good measure, and constant assurances that a cure is surely just around the corner, has worked for us. "Live your life as though you do not have HD, but plan as though you do." In other words, plan wisely while you live yourlife to the fullest!

terri said...

Thanks anonymous. I wish your family well in its path through HD.