Thursday, December 14, 2006

10 Occupations I Wish I Had Pursued

1. Rock star, of course!...I would have gladly stood in line with thousands of people for American Idol. I was too old for the first season, and by the time they raised the age limit I had passed it. :-(

2. Scientist/Biologist...I totally love science! I find the complexity of the human body fascinating!

3. Olympic is so my color! Plus, it would be nice to be on a box of Wheaties.(Do they even sell those anymore?)

4. Politician....come on, now! Who wouldn't want to try their hand at fixing a few governmental problems?

5. Astronaut...I was very transfixed by space as a young girl. I still am. Physics, cosmology, string it, love it, love it!

6. Sculptor...I have no talent in this area, but wish that I did!

7. Therapist...I am usually pretty good at listening and problem-solving. Of course, that could be a problem. I would probably lose patience with people that refused to act on things and move forward. Impatience might eliminate my good qualities in this area.

8. Writer...writing well is so much more difficult than it seems. Fantasies of books bearing my name are very gratifying. With my luck, they would be in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart with all the trashy romance novels and cheesy self-help books.

9. Animal Trainer...I like animals. :-)

10. Investigative Reporter...not the I'm-investigating-the commissioner's-affair kind of investigative reporter, but, the I've-just-uncovered-a-massive-government-cover-up kind of investigative reporter.

hmmmm....the alternate universes that could have existed.

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