Thursday, December 07, 2006

Losing Brain Cells....

Ok...I hate to admit this.....but lately my punctuation skills stink! I have read through several of my posts and some things that I have written in other forums, and I constantly come across dumb typos and missing, or misplaced punctuation. "What's the big deal?" you say. Well, supposedly I have a degree in English. I should be a pro at this stuff. I spent a lot of time and money to earn that piece of paper that declares me a college graduate, and here I am, wondering why I can't seem to place commas and semi-colons in their respective places. It's a sad, sad thing.

I think the loss of most of my brain cells began when I had kids. All the time and energy that I have poured into raising kids, that hopefully won't become serial killers, has starved the "non-essential" parts of my brain. I would gladly sacrifice that for them, but I am beginning to wonder what other centers of my brain have slowly been dying off while I am distracted by life? Will I wake up one day and not be able to remember how to do Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus, rendering me useless in the homework department? When my son's graduate, will all of the intelligence I formerly posessed have been transferred from my brain directly into theirs, leaving me with an empty void in my skull?

Oh, that's too scary to ponder. It's almost as chilling as when the doctor told me that everyone gains at least one pound every year after they turn thirty. I'll have an extra fifty pounds on me by the time I am eighty-three! Add that to my deteriorating brain cells and that spells "trouble" right here in River City, that starts with "t" that rhymes with "p" and that stands for "pool."

So, anyway...if you see typos.....give me a break....I am slowly breaking down from entropy!

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