Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Cliff's notes

Christmas has come and gone along with another year for me. It just happens to be my birthday too! So, here I am at the ancient age of thirty-three, still feeling like I am about twenty...if I only I still looked like when I was twenty!

The boys have spent endless hours playing with their race track and small hockey/foosball type game. That's the benefit of new and interesting toys; less fighting and more periods of peace. They have eaten too much sugar, watched too much TV, and stayed up too late. That's exactly how I remember my childhood Chritmas breaks.

Family came and went over the last few days with a few more to come by this week. It's been a good time with everyone. There has been no family drama or last minute issues. Yea!

I look forward to the new year coming up in a matter of days. This is going to be the year of George!..uh, I mean the year of Terri!

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