Friday, December 15, 2006

Surfing The Blogosphere

Surfing through blogs has become an addicting preoccupation with me lately.

I enjoy sifting through various sites in the same way that I would lose myself going through dusty, cardboard boxes in the attic when I was younger. Usually, the contents were junk or misplaced Christmas lights, but, every once in a while; interesting tools; faded, well-worn clothes; letters, yellowed from age; and other artifacts would be laid bare. I would read each faded letter and try on the musty clothing, imagining each object's adventurous life.

The Blogosphere is chock full of "bloggy" goodness.

Half of the blogs I surf through are immediately disqualified because they are in foreign languages. While I can read Spanish and French, I am not fluent enough with slang or the cultural references needed to get their humor. So, unless it's a great visual blog, I move on.

A third of what's left are usually "teen/college" blogs which consist mostly of things like "wow...I was SOOOOO wasted last week!"...or....."He's SO HOT!...I wonder if he knows I'm alive?." I already lived through my own teenage angst and college wanderings; so, I don't linger on those shores very long .

Then you have your standard political blogs which, usually, are as follows...
"George Bush is a big DooDoo Head."

"No, he's not! The Democratic Party is a bunch of DooDoo Heads!"

"No, they aren't! You are just an extremist idiot!"

"No, you're an extremist idiot!"

"well....I'm rubber, you're glue!"

"well...You and Clinton, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

You get the point. There's not much sense in reading that sort of drivel for very long.

After that about 10% of the remaining blogs consist of ranting and raving against the world/co-workers/neighbors/life...etc. The writers are usually Angry-Man-Who-Hates-The-Hypocrisy-of-Society or, his mate, Angry-Woman-Who-Thinks-All-Men-Are-Idiots. OK, maybe I surf through that last one occasionally; but, really, I know that not ALL men are idiots! :-)

Every once in a while I come across a blog that is appealing, because it is a genuine look into the life of the blogger. There might be cute photos, family stories, occasional opinion pieces, and a bit of humor sprinkled here and there. Those are the blogs that I most enjoy. Peeking into someone's world, laughing with them or realizing that someone thinks the same way about an issue gives a sense of gratification that doesn't have to come at someone else's expense. I hope that my blog is usually like that, but, who knows? Maybe someone halfway across the world reads my words and laughs along...maybe they don't. Either way, it passes the time.

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