Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cloned Meat?...ewwwww

OK. My first response to cloning animals for food purposes is a simple: Why?

Is there some sort of cow shortage? Are they suddenly in danger of becoming extinct? Does Farmer Ted have simply too much time on his hands?

"Cloning lets farmers and ranchers make copies of exceptional animals......." Washington (AP)

"Exceptional" sounds a little frightening. Do they have super-powers? Can they calculate the rotation of the earth? It seems, to my non-farming mind, less like farming and more like a Nazi version of the barnyard. Do we really need a "super-race" of cattle? Before you know it, they'll be eating us instead of the other way around! Keep in mind, they have four stomachs and love to graze! Run for the hills before they seek a millenia's worth of revenge!

"The government declared today that food from cloned animals is safe to eat. The Food and Drug Administration concluded that cloned livestock is "virtually indistinguishable" from conventional livestock. Officials said they don't think special labels are needed to let consumers know if they are eating cloned meat." Washington (AP)

I love how they use the phrase"virtually indistinguishable." If it's not indistinguishable, what is it that's different? I personally think it's a government conspiracy to insert protein markers into the American population that can later be used to cause spontaneous combustion within those who will protest the future coups by the USDA.

That's probably what happened to that Russian politician/agent. It wasn't radiation was cloned steak tartar.

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