Monday, December 11, 2006

Advent Wreath..Part Two

I posted a couple of weeks ago about starting the tradition of the advent wreath in our house this Christmas. Last night was our second Sunday lighting the candles and doing the readings. The kids have really enjoyed it.

We started the night off by touring our neighborhood to look at all the Christmas lights. All I have to say is that some people are going to have some high electric bills this year! It was a lot of fun; but, eventually, sibling rivalry reared its ugly head and seeing the lights turned into a coompetition as to whose side of the car had more lights to view. We quashed that pretty quickly!

After bathtime, we dimmed the lights, put on some Christmas music, poured some hot chocolate, and lit the candles. We read from Luke 1 26-38 whcich describes Gabriel's announcement to Mary that she was going to have a child. It's a great passage, but I realized that without an understanding of what sex is and how exactly babies are made, it doesn't seem too spectacular to a 4 and 6 year old. Oh yeah...Mary's gonna have a baby...what's the big deal? But, seeing as how I didn't want to use the advent wreath as our sex education tool, I had to explain the miracle of God making a child in Mary's womb in an age-appropriate way. Maybe next year it will mean more to them! :-)

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