Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back To The Dog Park

After several weeks of avoiding the dog park, I finally decided to give it another go. I just hoped that I wouldn't encounter Tall Blonde Woman again. It was a beautiful day and Tink had great fun running her feet ragged while playing fetch. Several other dogs eventually joined us and she ran around happily. No one tried to pin her or attack her so that's always a good thing!

One of the dogs we met there was in the process of training to be a therapy dog. His owner works with autistic children and brings him with her some days when she's teaching. That would be a fun thing to do. Unfortunately, I don't think Tink would be a candidate. She's too aloof. She loves us dearly and wants to be wherever we are, but she is not an overly affectionate dog. She likes a few pets and that's it...definitely not the lap dog type. But we love her quirks and all.


Annette said...

hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. so nice to have visitors.

It's one place I never go with my dogs... okay...shouldn't say never... but I very, very rarely ever go to dog parks...way too many mis-behaving dogs AND/OR way to many mis-behaving owners/handlers. So if you're leering of "tall blonde woman" -- though I have no idea why... I certainly can give a good guess. :)


terri said...

annette...Tall Blond Woman owned Big, White, Aggressive Dog. I wrote a post about it last month. Her dog ripped into my dog's ear, unprovoked. She said and did nothing afterwards. No "sorry" or even "is your dog OK?"

I have decided to only take Tink to the dog park during weekday mornings. It's less busy and seems to attract a differnt type of owner than the weekend/evening crowds.

We have a teeny-tiny yard and she loves to run. So, I am relunctant to completely stop taking her.

Thanks for stopping by!