Thursday, November 30, 2006

I spent an hour on the phone with my mom tonight. She relocated to the midwest where we're originally from, along with one of my younger brothers and his family. My older brother already lives there with his wife, three kids and his in-laws.

It was not a good call. My sister-in-law has been tested and diagnosed with Huntington's disease. Her mother has slowly been wasting away from this disease before their very eyes, and now she has the confirmation that she too has it and is developing symptoms. "Susan" is a sweet woman and it is so difficult to hear news like this. She is in her forties and just gave birth to their third child about one year ago, a beautiful baby girl. The diagnosis for Huntington's is not good. There is no treatment or cure and no leads at this time. It ends in death in ten to twenty-five years.

My heart aches for her and for my brother. I can only imagine, as a mother, the devastating blow that this would be to me if I were in her shoes. It is one of my greatest fears; that something would happen to me and I wouldn't be around to take care of my children.

My brother has been somewhat in a state of denial up until this point. Susan suspected heavily that she was experiencing symptoms and had even told several family members. He had been brushing her fears aside, thinking it was only the fatigue of getting older, caring for three kids and dealing with her parents who live with them. He has been unable to confront the possibility of this diagnosis. I know that it is a deep blow to him.

For those of you who know the Lord and have chanced upon this post, please lift them up in your prayers. They are believers. My brother was somewhat instrumental in my acceptance of Christ. He and his wife are going to need His assurances and presence more than at any other point in their lives thus far.

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Sue (aka sue_twin2) said...

Your brother and sister-in-law are in my prayers as I know only too well the road they are travelling having lost my husband to Huntington's Disease in May.

If you or they want online support, do feel free to join us at The Huntington's Disease Support Club (

Sue (aka sue_twin2)

terri said...

Thanks, Sue. They live in Illinois and the nearest Huntington's Chapter is over an hour and a half away from where they are. My brother had wished they had more resources nearby along with some pre-test counseling. Now they have this diagnosis and they are kind of like lone rangers. I will pass along the link to them. My condolences to you