Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weapons For Peace?

I usually stay out of the political realm. I have my opinions, I vote them, and am more than willing to share them when asked, but in the blogosphere, I leave the politics to other bloggers.....because they care more than I do about converting others to whichever side they support. They usually have more time on their hands than moi.

What do you do in a politically unstable region with animosity between religious groups, Israel, and millions of Muslims that hate us? Why you sell them advanced weaponry, of course! Because really, what are the chances that in a few years, once things have gone to hell in a handbasket, that those weapons will be used against us or our allies? The Saudis wouldn't turn on us, would they? It's not like any of their citizens have tried to annihilate us or anything.

This has got to be the dumbest move ever. It will do nothing but raise tensions in Iran, rather than making them back down. Why would Iran be afraid of Saudi Arabia? If you're building nukes and are crazy enough to use them, what difference are jets and really advanced guns going to make to you?

When will the U.S. learn that we are not in control in this region of the world? They don't want us there and any move we make will always be interpreted as the wrong one. After all, it's hard to be invited to dinner parties when your nickname is "The Great Satan".

We are foolish to make any kind of weapons deal in this region. Before long, the same weapons we ship to Saudi Arabia will begin showing up in Iraq, wounding our own troops and the government that we are trying to support there.

We, as a whole, have done a poor job of predicting behavior in the Middle East. We really need to stop making bad decisions out of misguided desperation.

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The Technicalities of Distrust said...

"We, as a whole, have done a poor job of predicting behavior in the Middle East."

Well said...and not said enough! Iraq's current state is a testament in itself.