Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jury Duty Denied

After years of being pursued by the Clerk of the Circuit Court, imagine my surprise and deflated spirit at being rejected. I guess five years of spurning him did the trick.

So, after getting up early, rushing through commuter traffic, waiting twenty minutes to travel 200 feet to the entrance of the parking garage--causing me to be twenty minutes late--they decided they didn't want me. At least they were prompt in letting me know quickly. I only had to wait four hours.

Honestly, it was kind of a letdown. They didn't even pick me as part of a group to question. As I kicked some serious Sudoku butt in the puzzle book I brought, I pondered what it was about my demographic that turned them off. Being in my thirties? Being unemployed/self-employed? Too many letters in my name? Being so nerdy that I play Sudoku?

In truth, they probably take the hundreds of questionnaires, throw them in a giant BINGO contraption and pull them out all willy-nilly.

That must be it.



Eugene H said...

You can't win with these things. Imagine, if you were in jury duty right now, you'd be just dying to blog about it, but you couldn't without being arrested or something... :) Or you'd be bored out of your mind...

Do they let you play sudoku while actually being a juror in the courtroom?

terri said...

I think they frown upon sudoku during a trial. :-)

I never made it into a court room. I waited in the appropriately titled "waiting room" with about 300 other people. They called various people into another room to actually question them as potential jurors for cases, but alas, I was not one of them