Monday, July 02, 2007

Movie Review Monday

Once again the library called to let my husband know that several things he had requested had arrived. They were all movies. We spent too much time staring at the TV this weekend, but most of the movies weren't bad.

Music and Lyrics--Romantic comedies with Hugh Grant can go either way, so I wasn't sure if this would be any good. It was surprisingly cute and sweet. They so nailed the 80's pop video genre, right down to the close-up of the clapping hands.

Firewall--My husband's choice. It was an OK action flick--lots of violence, but entertaining enough to hold our attention. The only thing that bugs me about this type of movie, with plot twists and turns, is that I get distracted trying to figure out the next twist. Toward the end of the movie, we had a running commentary on whether or not Harrison Ford's secretary was in on the banking scam. Up until the movie ended, we kept flip-flopping on whether she would show up with a gun and reveal she was the mastermind behind everything, belying her simple, quirky persona.

Apocalypto--This was my choice. Great movie if you can stand the graphic violence---aka-severed heads tumbling down the temple steps. Visually amazing. My husband, who hates subtitled movies, decided he really liked it. It's so dynamic and action-packed that you forget you're reading subtitles the entire time. The development of the characters was excellent.

Well, that's it folks. My Roger Ebert impression has come to an end.

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