Friday, July 20, 2007

New and Improved!

I don't like the pic for my profile.

I was going for something that looked like me, but wouldn't let someone on the street actually recognize me. You know...because I'm so popular and cool. I have to keep the stalkers and paparazzi away.

What I wound up with was something that makes me look depressed, sad, deathly. Not exactly what I was going for, but I am usually the one taking the pictures and can only rarely be spotted in them, like some sort of almost extinct animal that surprises scientists who thought it had vanished decades ago. If I am in them, I am usually blinking, bent over, or have my head cut off by the camera.

I am hereby replacing my way-too-serious photo with my own cartoon character, drawn with my son's Crayola pencils. Very high-tech.

Yes, I really have that much hair. Very curly hair that I have battled all my life. Add a few gray streaks--that are sometimes dyed back to their original brown--a wrinkle that is just starting to form on my forehead--which is seriously stressing me out--and a few freckles that appear during the summer....that's me.

don't hate me because I'm beautiful

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