Thursday, July 12, 2007


*sigh*...I'm tired.

The house, that I meticulously cleaned before my brother arrived, looks as if the laundry room exploded during a battle for territorial dominance with the dirty dishes in the kitchen. Carnage lays everywhere. Now, it's time for the post-visit clean-up.

Highlights from his visit:

Two 45-pound boys can, indeed, almost bring down an adult when they work together.

Coming from behind, in an evenly matched battle of chess wits, I managed to get checkmate with what was a pawn and my king, by sneaking my pawn to the end of the board after eliminating his two rooks, leaving him with just a king. Pawn becomes queen. Brother is sufficiently crushed by my last minute coup. Of course that was the only time I beat him, but it was a spectacular way to score my only win.

In a dark movie theater, Intuitive Monkey reaches over to give his uncle a spontaneous hug....just because.

It turns out that 18 year-olds haven't mastered the fine art of manipulating bumper cars to deliver the greatest force possible on impact. Age brings wisdom! :-)

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

Children learning to work together is a good thing, actually. If you beat them too badly, they won't bother to try to co-operate.

Humorous, but I mean it. Sibling bonding pays dividends for years.