Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My New Hairdo

When I took a shower today, 1/3 of my hair came out in my hands. I couldn't deny that it was all going to come out eventually. My sister-in-law came up and helped shave it off so that I wouldn't have handfuls of long hair constantly coming out.
Here's my new look.

I'm ready for Boot Camp, Master Sergeant, Sir!

Here's an unflattering photo of me with my gorgeous, size 2, sister-in-law.

She was so sweet to do this for me. She even brought me three beautiful scarves to cover my head...so as not to frighten the public. :-)

Me and my hair.


Beth said...

You look wonderful. You look healthy & I know you're going through a hard time.
When I 1st read your blog, I thought you were in the same boat as me. Stage I, remove & everythings fine. Then I read on day by day. You do amaze me.

terri said...

Thank you.

I am stage one, but my particular patholgy; multifocal tumors, isolated tumor cells in two of my lymph nodes, and lymphovascular invasion in one of the tumors have pushed me toward doing chemo.

So, my prognosis is very good; I just have to get through the next few months.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I was about to say that I wouldn't have the courage to be that vulnerable online, but then I thought "I'm already bald, and I didn't start from as good a foundation as she does and I let people take my picture." I think it's harder for women in general, and more so for those who had some looks to lose, even temporarily.

Here's an advantage: old age should hold no terrors for you..

Musicguy said...

I think you look wonderful, and coming from a judgemental gay man, that means alot :-)

Anonymous said...

When I was 17 I started losing my hair to chemo as well. Being 17 I was already "angry and rebellious" before the cancer was found. For me, shaving my hair off somehow became very empowering. And liberating. It felt the cancer may think it has all the power but I will not let it have this. I will take it before it takes it. I don't know, does that make any sense? I guess just take the victories where you can.

Am thinking of you during your journey.


terri said...

Thanks everyone.

I didn't freak out too much about losing my hair. It did feel a little empowering, as Gina said. And boy is it easy to get ready in the morning! No blow dryer, curling iron, hair products.

Just wash and go!

I think knowing that it's just temporary helps. It will all come back eventually.

AVI...yes that's true bald men are always being photographed!

Music guy....Thanks for not being the stereotypical gay fashion police! I'd have to hide under the table and cry! hahaha

Gina...wow...chemo at 17. that had to be tough.