Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day Before 2nd Chemo

I measure everything by my treatment dates now.

"Oh, that's the week before chemo. I'll be feeling fine let's make plans for that week."

"Oh, that's the week after chemo. I'll be feeling like crap and having to stay out of public places...no can do!"

"Oh, the first day of school is 5 days after my treatment. I might not be well enough to take the boys that first day."

I have all my dates circled on the calendar and am working the entire family's schedule around it. It's kind of a bummer. I'm just glad that after the first week of misery that I seem to rebound and start to feel normal. Let's hope that pattern continues.

Today I called up some friends of the boys, and their mom, and we hung out at the park and watched them run solidly for an hour, chasing each other, hiding from each other, and climbing the enormous oak trees. We came back to our house so that the boys could show the Wii to their friends and let them play with it.

I talked and visited with their mom, who is the sweetest.

It was a good time, and a great way to spend my last day before I go in for treatment tomorrow.

I'm hoping that I will do better this time around, now that I have more of a sense of what to expect. I have all my necessary meds and preparations all stocked up and ready to go. Maybe I can manage my symptoms better this time around.

Here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to remind you that you are being thought of and prayed for daily.


terri said...

I appreciate your prayers.

Chemo really makes my mind fuzzy, so I don't wind up praying too much while I am in the worst part of it.

I can use all the prayers i can get! :-)