Thursday, July 03, 2008

Chemo Update--Cycle 1

I went in for my chemo around 9:00 am yesterday and was finished by 12:45 pm. I didn't feel any differently immediately afterwards and even went to Wal-Mart with DH to pick up my anti-nausea meds. I had to pop a Compazine tablet towards dinnertime yesterday because I could definitely feel the nausea coming on. It helped with the nausea, but I didn't feel up to eating.

Today, I have some prescribed anti-emetics that I take for today and tomorrow. The second and third day after chemo are usually the worst as all the chemicals start working through your system.

I don't feel completely floored. I am definitely functional and the meds seem to help, but I do feel kind of shaky and a little out of it--not 100%, but about 85%. My face and chest are flushed pink, a side effect of the Taxotere, I think.

Otherwise, right now I am doing OK and hope I continue to weather everything with minimal downtime.

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