Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today is my first performance for the non-profit I work for.

We did a dress rehearsal yesterday and things went relatively OK. I have missed at least four days of rehearsals over the last two weeks as a result of the kids being sick and going to my grandfather's funeral, which makes me feel nervous that I haven't had as much time to prepare as I would like. Yikes.

I think it will go well; it's just a little nerve-racking to have had to rush through everything.


Everything did go well. I made a few minor mistakes, none of which were noticeable to the audience, thanks to my partner who knows this performance backwards and forwards. She always managed to bring me back to where I needed to be in the script, allowing me to get on track and flow seamlessly to the next part. My boss was there observing everything and she seemed to be happy, so that's a big sigh of relief for me!....Whew!


Your Hubby said...

I have no doubt that you will do great!

terri said...