Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's Hip To Be Square

I haven't blogged about anything serious for a while. After my little post about the Wh!tes, I had about 2,000 hits to my blog within a few days. I figured boring people with my mundane life for a few days would drive away the hits from people looking for something sensational or controversial.

It worked nicely. One day I had 300 hits, the next day 30. Mission accomplished. Although it is telling that others think my life is so boring that they probably had to shock themselves out of my blog-induced coma. Oh well. Boring isn't always bad. At least it means there's no drama going on.

On a similar note, while at the grocery store checkout I couldn't escape the 63 tabloids plastered with Ow*n Wilson's picture, decrying his suicide attempt. The one that caught my eye had a headline that read, "Man, who has it all, attempts suicide." Man Who Has It All. I doubt Mr. Wilson would categorize himself that way.

Unfortunately, "having it all" means fame, money, and an active party life. I guess by that definition a person could "have it all", but time will only prove that there isn't much to have in that kind of life. People always seem shocked when celebrities hit bottom and seem truly miserable. What's bothersome by that is not the inevitable rehab stories of the stars, but that the popular culture still believes that money and fame are a sure path to happiness.

Despite disaster after disaster in celebrities' lives, the culture still seems to have an ever-growing desire to emulate the lifestyles they see on TV. They don't seem to see the brokenness and misery that so many celebrities must battle. If anything, it seems to romanticize the tortured artist archetype.

That kind of excitement I don't need. Like I said, boring isn't always bad.

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Jazzki said...

Those missing the inner riches easily mistake the outer ones for the real thing. It's called the lack of a "sham-o-meter." ;)