Friday, June 29, 2007

Bill Nye, The Scaring Guy

I am a geek.

I love science, documentaries, and PBS. I can't help but pass along my natural tendencies to my children. The kids have come to love watching old Bill Nye, The Science Guy DVD's from the library. Each one is about a half an hour long and covers a specific science subject.

Fast forward...

While in the kitchen, we noticed a rather large fly had gotten into the house and was stuck between the blinds and the window. We watched our dog, Tink, desperately try to attack and eat the buzzing invader. Eventually, the fly got out and the boys began flinching as it flew around them.

"Don't worry. It's just a fly. It won't bite you."

It flew closer.

"Aahhh!...No!...GET IT AWAY!!!...I DON'T WANT IT IN MY EAR!!!"--shrill, piercing screams.

"Honey...I told you....flies don't bite."

"But they're dangerous!"

"Who told you that?"

"Bill Nye said that flies have dangerous germs on their legs! KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME!!!"

He ran out of the room screaming.

Thanks, Bill Nye. There's nothing like a five-year-old with an irrational phobia of fly germs.

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