Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uncharacteristic Rant

I do it so seldomly...I should be allowed one once in awhile.

So, I'm surfing through a blog, which I had first commented on a few days ago, and come across a post about how a godly wife is supposed to act and react to disagreement.

I knew from the title that it's not my kind of thing, but hey..what's life without a little danger? I read it. I barely kept my head from exploding.

First of all, why do men think that they are the ones who should be giving women advice on how to be godly wives? They have no experience at it. They have no time-tested tips to pass along. They have no understanding of the emotion attached to such statements. Plus, it seems a little self-serving to make sure that your wife is lining up with your opinions by playing the "God" card and reminding women on how they "ought" to behave.

Secondly, it has been my experience that churches that spend so much time focused on delineating specific gender roles are usually missing the bigger picture. It becomes such a heated and drawn-out issue that seeking Jesus tends to get lost in the fray. Or worse yet, a picture of what a "godly" wife looks like takes on a life of its own and begins to determine clothing, hairstyles, and hobbies.

How about we teach people how to love one another and forgive each other, harboring no ill will towards others. Better yet, how about we teach people how to follow Jesus with all of their being. Even better, why don't we focus on evangelism and reaching others for Christ?

Then, once we get some of the basics down, let's revisit the topic of submission.

That's my contribution to off-the-cuff ranting in the blogosphere. Enjoy.


Musicguy said...

Dearest Terri, mark this day in your calendar, for I TOTALLY agree with this post!

Don't worry, I'll now return to my sarcastic wit and satirical commentary.

terri said...

OK...can't find my calendar....but I promise to remember.