Friday, June 22, 2007

Road Trip

Today I get the singular adventure of taking a road trip with the two boys, sans husband. It's OK. He has to work this weekend. Plus, because he'll be at home, we don't have to take the dog in our little Corolla. Last time she traveled with the family, being crammed into the car and nervous for a great length of time led to an unpleasant throwing up incident. It'll be nice to skip that part.

We're heading to the east coast of Florida to see my dad; a sort of belated Father's Day thing.

The boys just know they get to play in the Atlantic. That's the big time when it comes to wave action, when compared to the gentle rolling of the Gulf. Last time we were there, I had the shocking privilege to see Intuitive Monkey being picked up by a wave and tossed head over heels toward the shore. It was a slow motion moment as I watched his little body, with a bright green inner tube around his belly, forcefully inverted by a monster wave. I envisioned a broken back, neck, and a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He got by with only a few scrapes and a story to tell.

Hopefully, we'll all survive.

See you later.

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