Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

I didn't post a Father's Day tribute yesterday, because we were actually doing Father's Day stuff all day.

The boys decided that the best way to wake their father on Father's Day was to entice him out of bed with a dozen donuts. Hard to tell if that idea was completely selfless on their part, but he does like donuts. After ingesting many carbs and loads of sugar, we made it to church.

The later part of the day we spent at Busch Gardens, riding roller coasters and water rides. I had dressed in a light yellow T-shirt and light blue linen capris, thin fabric to stay cool on a 93 degree day. Bad Idea. After being drenched with millions of gallons of water on the river rapids ride, I emerged in clothing that was akin to something worn in a wet T-shirt contest. Thanks hon' for suggesting that ride! As I walked along, fully clothed, yet at the same time feeling completely naked, I reminded myself that I will never see anyone there again. That's what I tell myself when I am embarrassed beyond reason. I pretend that everyone else is from an alien dimension. They're just visiting--no need to worry about the ridicule of strangers from another galaxy.

All in all, it was a good day.

Thanks hubby for being a great dad to our kids!

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