Monday, February 05, 2007

Close Call

My in-laws live very close to the area that was hit by a deadly tornado this past week here in Florida. We had already been planning to drive over to their place for the weekend and spend some time with them before everything happened.

Friday morning, when the news was showing the splintered remains of homes in their community, the phone lines weren't working and it was a few hours before we knew that their home was untouched and they were perfectly fine. Saturday we loaded up the car and headed over to their house with the two kids and the dog in tow.

About less than half a mile from their house, huge oaks were snapped in half, roofs were torn off houses, and one home had a front wall standing, and little else. The front door swung open to reveal the backyard. It was amazing that no one from their community had perished. It could have easily been their house and their lives that were lost.

Remember those in Florida in your thoughts and prayers this week. Many people lost their families in the space of five minutes time. They went to bed, safe and secure in their homes, and woke up to a nightmare. May God bless and help them as they begin to piece their lives back together.

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