Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday's Weekly Update

Charlie Crist....The news story regarding his paternity has, for the most part, fizzled out. Unless something shocking and CSI-like happens-such as stealing clipped fingernails from the governor's mansion for a DNA test-we probably won't hear much more. I did read over at Smashed Frog that when he signed the termination papers, it clearly stated that he denied paternity. I haven't read or heard that anywhere else, and since Smashed Frog is not part of my normal blog-reading repetoire, I am not sure about the reliability of the info.---- *update*I just tried to find the post on Smashed Frog that I had read before. I keep getting a Not Found page from Blogger. The post must have been deleted. So, take what I wrote with a grain of salt.

My Time-Impaired Son...missed another day of pre-K today because of his inability to get ready in the morning. I am really pulling my hair out on this one. Getting ready for school is only one way that his time-impairment manifests itself. He also takes forever to eat, get his shoes on, and any other thing that isn't interesting enough for him. He is so sweet and charming, but this is KILLING me! There has to be some way to get this child to move without my voice reaching jet-plane decibels.

Introvert?....I had posted that I was going to get out more. I have started attending a women's Bible study at my church on Thursday mornings. I had actually started going just before the Holidays, but then it went on hiatus until after the New Year. I missed the first two sessions out of laziness and other things cropping up that had to be dealt with.(and yes, I just ended my sentence with a preposition...I'm a bad English major!) However, I have enjoyed going and will continue to attend. It's nice to get out and talk with real, live people that aren't related to me.

My Husband is Cute!...I'm just throwing that in there because he reads my blog every day, and I wanted to make him smile. Yes, that's sappyand not especially blog-worthy, but you can gag on the sweetness factor safely out of my earshot.

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Sunny said...

Here's your Charlie Crist link.

The information on Smashed Frog is linked to The St. Pete Times, so I would say that is a fairly reliable source.

Thanks for stopping by the Frog.