Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Winding Down After Much Work

This past weekend was spent painting, re-screening, and laying down new indoor/outdoor carpet on our screened back porch. We are exhausted from all the work.

Sunday night, despite my tiredness, I turned on the TV and vegged out for a while. I was pleasantly surprised to find, The Virgin Queen, on PBS. I thought it was great. The lead actress, Anne-Marie Duff,does an excellent job portraying Queen Elizabeth. She's very believable and authentic in the role. The costumes are sumptious and beautiful. The characters are well developed, and the intrigue of 16th century politics is woven into the story in a unified way.

My only criticism is that the film would have benefitted enormously from several hundred more extras in the coronation scene. It would have been great to see Elizabeth exit into streets overflowing with masses of people cheering. Instead, I think their budget only allowed about fifty.

I can't wait to see the second part which is airing Sunday, January 14th.

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