Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lent Update

I've done pretty well with my Lenten commitments.

Not reading and commenting on blogs has left me feeling a little more isolated, which is something with which I already struggle; but, it has also helped me to be more focused. Not watching quite so much TV hasn't been very difficult. There are always more things to do around the house and with the kids than I have time for anyway; so, I simply get more done.

Quieting the extraneous voices of the media has been helpful to me spiritually. I find it easier to be more mindful of the reality before me and the path which I traverse through life. Distractions are fewer. Intentions are greater. Interactions are more meaningful.


We have "re-begun" reading through Genesis with the kids. We haven't been so great with consistent family devotional times. We pray before meals and before bed each evening; but, often, those prayers are canned, hurried prayers that are short in length and genuineness. We're trying to be more mindful about incorporating our faith in deeper ways.

We had read through the early parts of Genesis before-the story of creation and The Fall. Those are easy readings for the kids; they're fascinating, intriguing stories that lend themselves to visualization. Every child can comprehend the magical powers of creation and the suspense of Adam and Eve as they face the Serpent.

Now, we are reading about Abram which requires much more explanation. There are all sorts of subtleties that are difficult for young children to grasp. For instance, why did Abram lie about Sarai being his wife? Why did Abram and Lot have to separate? What does the word offspring mean? However, the next couple of days we'll be reading chapters 15 and 16 of Genesis which read more as relational stories and less as political and geographical updates.

So far, they have really enjoyed reading each night and always want to continue to the next chapter. I am wondering how long their enthusiasm will last. Who knows, maybe my kids are destined to be the only kids that crave family devotional time. That wouldn't be such a horrible thing.

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