Friday, February 09, 2007

Fun At The Park

There was no school today. We packed lunch and went to one of the local parks. The boys instantly started a game of freeze-tag with anyone who was willing to play.

Here they are tossing oak leaves into the air. That's February in Florida. I don't know the name of the little boy playing with them. When he saw me taking pictures of them, he wanted in on the action too. Hopefully his parents won't find this photo online and sue me! :-)

This particular park is filled with enormous oak trees that are probably, at least, 100-200 years old. They reach majestically for the sky, their canopy covering the entire park with lacy shadows.

We spent over two hours there. The boys ran themselves into sweaty exhaustion. However, after the ten minute ride home, they caught their second wind and were ready to go all over again.

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