Thursday, February 22, 2007

Glad To Be American

A Pakistani female minister is assassinated because of her refusal to wear a veil; Egypt jails a blogger for four years for insulting its President and Islam; and each day suicide bombers blow themselves up in ever more deadly ways in an effort to wipe out as many people as possible.

Will there ever be any hope for true democracy in the Middle East when such outrageous things occur on a daily basis?

Islamic countries, that truly want to practice Islam in an organized, governmental way, will never operate in any sort of democratic form. The very belief system, which guides such governments, opposes the rights of individuals at its core level. There is only way, one rule of law and the expectation of submission to it.

In order to have democracy, there must be a willingness to hear the voice of the people and to question the motives of those in authority. In Islam, specifically the Shia sect, imams(the spritual leaders) are considered sinless, infallible messengers of Allah. To question them is to go against Allah Himself. To go against Allah is the worst possible sin and therefore relegates the questioner as a "disbeliever" or "loser" according to the Qur'an.

How can we hope for the victory of democracy in the Middle East when their dearest religious beliefs are so openly opposed to it?

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