Friday, May 30, 2008


Spot the generational assumption in daily conversations.

Horsemeat sushi?--this link is purely for the comment section that follows it---eating beef/chicken is A-OK...eating my little pony makes some people mad...also good discussion on the texture of cat and dog meat....just in case you wanted to know.

Older British people fight epidemic of sitting teenagers. HT to BHT.


ow said...

Small world. I just started following your blog (great posts BTW), and happen to know one of the writers at BHT. Interesting.

terri said...

Yeah...the guys over there at BHT crack me up! I don't know any of them personally but am an avid reader.

I'm not surprised by the small world of blogging. I've bumped into people/usernames I've met before without getting to them from a direct link. It must be "Groupthink" at work....people of a certain demographic unconscioulsy clumping together.

Either way...welcome!