Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back Home

I'm back home as of yesterday evening.

Things went well at the hospital; no complications or Nurse Ratchett types. The staff was very kind and helpful.

I spent most of Monday in an anaesthetic fog, coming in and out of things for several hours. I didn't really become alert until evening. DH was there with me all day, making sure I was taken care of. I knew I married that guy for some reason.

I feel pretty good considering everything. I'm a little tired and my arm is simultaneously numb and sore from the node dissection, but overall I'm not feeling too terrible.

The kids were happy to see me and had lots of questions for me. I think I spent 30 minutes explaining the scientific details of the drains that are in my arm. There are several feet of plastic tubing, clipped to my clothing, that drain fluid away from the incisions. It's not very pretty to look at, but is very fascinating for the boys.

"So..that's your blood?"

"Why is it sometimes clear?"

"Does it hurt?"

"I learned that blood isn't really red, it's just the red blood cells that make it look that way."

I felt like a science experiment, or one of those plastinated bodies that are always being carted around to museum exhibitions. All in all, I am happy to let them be fascinated instead of fearful.

Right now, I am just glad to have everything done. Worrying about events is almost always more troubling than going through them.

My percocet is kicking in. Time for a nap.


Musicguy said...

glad to hear it went well. wishing you and the family all the best. i'm sure you'll be back on your feet in no time, planning more b-day parties and ticking off over-zealous elementary admins!

terri said...

ah...yes....the ticking-off of one super-power worth having!